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We are a company dedicated to the production of top quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils and we are proud of our team and our products.
We have highly trained professionals and next generation technology from Germany and Spain.
In our property, there are olive trees of several varieties, such as Arbequina, Nevadillo, Manzanilla, Changlot Real, Frantoio and Coratina.
With them, we make a coupage of the finest select oils:
Arauco, Arbequina, Frantoio and Nevadillo.
This way, we achieve a complex oil that is pleasant in mouth and nose.
Not only do we produce olive oil, but we also provide the consumers with a multisensory experience that allows them to sense every moment of our effort and dedication.

That’s why, in 2019, our single variety Arbequina and our Blend (Arauco, Arbequina, Frantoio) oils received the Gran Prestigio Oro medal in the OLIVINUS contest.

At Finca San Gerardo, we embody team work, dedication, technology, reliability and commitment to the environment.
We dedicate 365 days of hard work towards the goal of constant improvement, to launch products that meet both national and international high quality standards.
At Finca San Gerardo, we embody EXCELLENCE.


Finca San Gerardo’s location is perfect for growing olive trees because of the particular semiarid characteristics of the weather in San Rafael.
Summers are very hot and the sky is mostly clear; there is a great thermal range between day and night, which provides distinctive features to the olive oil of the region.
The country soils are deep and gentle for farming in general, and they are suitable for growing olive trees and other fruit trees.
The property is divided into crop squares in five sectors.
Currently, we have 608 acres (246 hectares) of productive land
with nearly 98,000 olive trees.


At Finca San Gerardo, we’ve installed a pressurized drip irrigation system to ensure the highest optimization of water resources.

The water that gets to our land comes from Diamante River
and we have four operating water wells, two of which are new.

All the water is stored in a dam waterproofed with high density polyethylene, designed and built for that purpose.
From this dam, the water is distributed to the different crop squares.
The dam holds about 62,000,000 liters (62,000 m³) of water.
It was estimated and built to supply water to the final project of 1,112 acres (450 hectares).


Our factory is located within the premises of Finca San Gerardo in order to favor the oil production process.


We own next generation equipment.
Our reception hopper was acquired from SAFI company (Spanish industry) and has a cleaning capacity of 8 tons per hour, and so does the subproduct treatment hopper.
As for the extraction line, it is powered by German technology and it allows us to process 4 tons of olive paste per hour, with a very low percentage of loss in pomace (higher oil extraction yield).
It should be noted that the line is automatic, which improves work safety for the operators and, at the same time, it provides online data during the process.

Additionally, we have a tank inertization system that ensures the highest level of quality control, and a pit and pomace separation system that allows us to use the resulting subproducts: the olive pits are used as fuel in our caldron that works with biomass, while the pomace is used as a natural fertilizer in our plantation.



Our lab was installed next to the production plant and has high technology equipment, which make it suitable for the production process and the storage of olive oil to ensure an optimal yield.
We own next generation technology equipment to asses quality parameters such as acidity, among others.

In the lab, we also carry out the gas chromatography, a scientific method used to confirm the presence or absence of a compound in a given sample. This allows us to obtain the fatty acid profile that aims to show the products’ quality and compliance with international standards.


We produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil following strict national and international quality standards in order to provide our consumers with premium products and a multisensory experience that goes beyond the palate.


From the beginning of the production process to the moment the product gets to the consumers’ tables, we work to achieve perfect harmony between technology, quality and protection of the environment.

We strongly believe in a sustainable process that never stops taking care of the natural and human resources, because we know that, without them, our work wouldn’t be possible.


To extend the reach of our products to international markets, in order to contribute an added value to the gastronomic and touristic reputation of San Rafael and Mendoza, since Finca San Gerardo’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil has unique features that stem from the agricultural and climatic characteristics of the environment in which it is produced and the quality standards we follow in our procedures.

Rawson 15.000, El Cerrito.
San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina.
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